Yeon Yihwa: Once they first found and Viole tried to fail their along into almost every other Regulars

Yeon Yihwa: Once they first found and Viole tried to fail their along into almost every other Regulars

Wangnan and you may Baam continue to be on good terminology with one some other, continued to greatly help one another toward Heck Illustrate.

That they had to talk about a room into the twentieth Flooring, much so you’re able to Yihwa’s displeasure. Yihwa believes Viole is extremely doubtful but appears offered to the indisputable fact that Viole may not be while the crappy as he appears (mostly because of the lady faith one to “the guy has no the face regarding an adverse guy”). Most of their antagonism is due to the reality that Viole says he has got zero demand for her yourself and therefore Yihwa sees because an insult to what she thinks as their stunning contour, and that Viole can be prepare better than the blued giriÅŸ girl. Yihwa although not heated to Viole and now notices your because a good person after he protected Miseng regarding Urek Mazino almost at the cost of his lives. Yihwa seemed to be truly alarmed to have Viole and you will tried to nurse him back once again to fitness. Later it is hinted you to she has intimate attitude to possess your, such as for instance whenever she is looking at Viole when he interacted together with his dated team and you may indexed one to she had never seen your generate a facial in that way prior to. Later on whether it looks like the group you’ll pass away, the lady quick believe is actually you to she doesn’t want to help you perish since she would never be capable of seeing Viole generate particularly an effective deal with once more.

Following the Working area Competition she actually starts to doubt the woman condition for the the group and you may will get careful of the new strong opponents it deal with. Once particular encouragement out of Hwa Ryun, she chooses to continue being of the Viole’s front side. She’s including listed become unable to get used to Viole’s appearance since Baam, are amazed by simple-searching face he previously behind his bangs.

Despite Wangnan is actually shown to be alleviated when he hears it made it out of the train efficiently off Yura

Kang Horyang: Horyang respects Viole to have his energy and you may was first apprehensive about the brand new reddish exoskeleton Viole possesses, because reminded your of an income Ignition Weapon. The guy cannot seem to think poorly or hold a good grudge facing Viole to own his measures once they basic fulfilled. In advance of the guy visited look for Cassano, Horyang battled Viole to force him to reveal the power he saw about exoskeleton because if it was an ignition firearm it can signify Viole’s stamina came in the sacrifice away from lots of existence. Once Viole found the origin Horyang admitted that he never truly concept of Viole as the types of individual that might have an income Ignition Gun anyways and you can apologized.

Just after seeing Horyang seemingly be killed, Viole goes in a rage and you can symptoms Went and you may Novick under the assumption which they had been their killers. Regardless if his frustration in the near future transmits in order to FUG after the guy knows they was basically guilty of the fresh new incident. Then he and you will Horyang come together on the “finest class” you to definitely FUG had build to the Working area Race. Shortly after Viole attempts to refrain FUG he trusts Horyang to greatly help your, and additionally they battle its way to avoid it with her, though Horyang ends up comatose in the process.

Ever since then Viole could have been seeking to Casano, even in the event since a holiday goal to finding Rachel, to wake Horyang from his coma.

Later, Viole brings in his admiration as he protects Miseng and then he today knows that Viole was a completely a people

Hon Akraptor: Akraptor seems to believe Viole to a certain degree. He will not interfere having Viole’s individual situations and you can does not frequently legal your for being element of FUG. He’s by far the most pragmatic of your classification regarding Viole and you may the brand new group’s position. The guy and snacks Viole once the a friend and that’s ready to let your just after discovering the reason he’s hiking this new Tower.

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