The connection ranging from religious intelligence and you can character traits one of Jordanian college or university youngsters

The connection ranging from religious intelligence and you can character traits one of Jordanian college or university youngsters

Emmons represent spiritual intelligence since the adaptive accessibility religious investigation so you’re able to helps each and every day problem solving

Ahmad M Mahasneh, step one Nizar A good Shammout, step one Ziad M Alkhazaleh, step 1 Ahmed F Al-Alwan, step 1 Jawhara D Abu-Eita 2 1 Company of Educational Therapy, Professors of Training Sciences, Hashemite School, Zarqa, Jordan; 2 Agency from Curricula, Princess Alia School, Al-Balaqa Used College, Amman, Jordan

Abstract: This research is intended for identifying the degree of religious cleverness and its particular correlation having character traits one of a team of Jordanian undergraduate students. A good purposive sample regarding 716 men and women students is chosen from some other attributes at Hashemite College or university. Several surveys toward religious cleverness and personality traits have been shared with members of the attempt in the instructional seasons 20132014. Results depicted an average level of spiritual cleverness within the college students, and you may shown a positive and you can mathematically significant dating between religious intelligence proportions (important existential considering, individual definition design, transcendental sense, and you will aware county expansion) and you may personality traits (neuroticism, extraversion, openness to play, agreeableness, and you can conscientiousness), however, zero high correlation ranging from individual definition production and you can transcendental awareness proportions and neuroticism characteristics. On the light of consequence of this study, of numerous guidance was written by the fresh new boffins.

Finally, regression study abilities mean that vital existential convinced ‘s the basic predictor measurement off religious intelligence when it comes to neuroticism, extraversion, visibility to experience, agreeableness, and you will conscientiousness

The thought of intelligence came up for the frame out of old beliefs features stayed a topic of uniform attract in order to philosophers and writers from the many years to the current time. Latest years, although not, have witnessed an expansion in the body type regarding mention of the involve modern-day clinical tests in the sciences of biology and you will structure, eg anorexia and you can bulimia nervosa anatomy, inheritance, and in the end the world of this new humanities.

The phrase and you may thought of religious cleverness came up because of this out-of integrating cleverness with spirituality. 1–5 When you are accepting the resemblance and you may consolidation between religion and you can spirituality, additionally there is arrangement concerning its dissimilarity and you can distinction, faith centering on the brand new sacred whereas spirituality is the experiential parts of definition, eminence, and you will brilliance. 6

Experts value religious intelligence as the most extreme sorts of cleverness because of its capability to dictate change in people, communities, and cultures. Therefore, improving spiritual intelligence helps anybody to the implementing a positive outlook and into the gaining internal serenity. So it modification within the feelings enhances thinking-determination and you can control and assisting to reduce the large levels of stress are not created because of the active pace of modern lives. 7

Mayer states that individuals to obtain spiritual feeling if adopting the try achieved: 1) being attuned into alternative harmony around the world and you can exceeding self-limitation; 2) being aware of large airplanes and you will states off religious consider and contemplation; 3) being aware of the fresh spiritual dimensions from day to day activities, events, and you may matchmaking; 4) building feel, for example considering every single day dilemmas in the context of greatest life parameters; and you may 5) desiring to improve otherwise intensify new worry about, consequently exercising forgiveness, declaring admiration and you can gratitude, and you will exercising humility and you may sympathy. 8

step 1 Zohar and you can Marshal identify spiritual cleverness given that a third type of of cleverness you to definitely develops brand new make out of choices. It is quite the latest cleverness because of the whoever conditions our very own performs and you may comprehensive path out of lives is examined when compared with anyone else. It is the foot we truly need to ensure that our mental and you can emotional cleverness to work efficiently. 5 Queen talks of it as the group out-of rational/rational possibilities that will be based upon adaptation, nonmaterialistic idea, and much-from-truth factors. 9 Vaughan represent spiritual intelligence while the interest in the individuals internal intellectual lifestyle, mood, and you can relation to the existence of lifestyle, thus implying the experience to have strong comprehension of concerns linked to existence plus the planning of numerous degrees of emotion. cuatro Nasel represent it as the capacity to identify, seek definition, and you can resolve spiritual points, ten while Amram and you will More dry notice it given that capability to pertain and use the brand new religious provides and prospective and this raise all of our lifetime capability and you may mental appeal. As well, 11 Wigglesworth sees it operating smartly and you can mercifully while maintaining one another interior peace and you may external peaceful no matter what prevalent situations. 12

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