Yandere! Companion! Seokjin : His Reaction to Your Delivering A date

Yandere! Companion! Seokjin : His Reaction to Your Delivering A date

“So, your say my kitten try stupid? Well, unfortuitously, you are going to need to die then because individuals because idiotic since you, people very unintelligent which they usually do not comprehend the appeal of my kitten usually do not have earned to reside.”

Here you are going, -chan! I am therefore sorry regarding how goddamn later and you will brief this is exactly, We barely hit 1k conditions ;-; You deserve finest, and you can I’m https://datingranking.net/nl/russiancupid-overzicht/ most sorry We couldnt provide for you 🙁

Both you and Jin had first met once you was basically four and he was four. He then much slower pushed everyone whom attempted to tend to be your with the video game and come establishing himself closer and you may closer to you until you became members of the family.

You had been a fairly alone woman you to definitely concerned the fresh new playground casual, however, he fell deeply in love with your at first sight, stalking you until the guy read your chosen colour, playthings, animal, food and treat

He was possessive throughout all your friendship, however you had been too-young so you’re able to understand the youngsters just who tried to befriend your come to evade you otherwise drop-off. You merely decided Jin was the best pal and you also didnt you desire anybody else, expanding with a comparable mindset and not bothering while making the fresh nearest and dearest, due to the fact Jin are everything you expected. Jin couldnt was happy you believe in that way, making certain that are a knowledgeable companion he or she is.

When you on your own just got Jin due to the fact a buddy, Seokjin themselves got a fairly large community of family, which have multiple acquaintances. He had been believed public and more than individuals believed Y/Letter are merely a leech trapped onto the popular kid and made an effort to bully the girl off the good-looking college student, merely to mysteriously disappear whenever Y/Letter mentioned them.

The brand new nearest household members so you’re able to Jin except Y/Letter was indeed half a dozen men and you can together with her it titled by themselves BTS. Every single one ones was just as the psycho due to the fact Seokjin, merely they hadnt located the brand new individuals they wanted to obsess more, so that they only reduced started securing Jins baby doll, their kitten.

And you may slow, extremely slow, you shaped a bond to the other half dozen, the main one relationship Jin didnt oppose having a fervour while the he respected them to perhaps not damage his kitten. Y/N slower began depending on the others including she depended on Jin, whether or not no place close as much, since you remained depending, obedient and you may nearly linked with Jin constantly, but there is certainly of course something there.

Brand new yandere boy are kind of the top of the group, leading you to way more confident with your, as you was now comfortable regardless of where your thought inferior to new other individual. Slower, this new crush you’d on the Jin passed away of, and you also was basically delighted, knowing today it cannot keep an excellent clutch on your own relationship, and one to your Joonie formed.

You had been now viewed clinging into the Namjoon more often than not. Seokjin are discouraged, but decided it wouldnt perform some of your damage to score Y/N way more safe. Seokjin, needless to say, wasnt aware of brand new teasing both you and Namjoon today first started exchanging, and was even less familiar with the new secretive kisses and you can hugs your slow already been offering together.

He was new wisest guy of your own university, and of course, their wife was the new smartest girl in the college however, several anybody couldn’t bear to get the brilliant partners can be found, and joon tainted its life

In the course of time, Namjoon asked you aside, as being the sweetest bean, taking your a big bouquet off vegetation, sweets of all the classes, a giant teddy-bear and you can a deep kiss when you acknowledged their offer.

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