Trans Cust Content : It occupation is the recommendations stored in the new “ Cust

Trans Cust Content : It occupation is the recommendations stored in the new “ Cust

Trans Bill Country : That it community refers to the guidance kept in brand new “ Country ” career for the Charge purchase, Bill to deal with Point.

Trans Have a look at Matter : That it profession is the suggestions kept in the fresh “ Check# ” occupation to the purchase, Product sales Details Area.

Trans CC Types of : Which career identifies information regarding the “ Transaction Method of ” profession chosen when using EPay Mastercard Handling.

Trans CC Amount : So it job makes reference to guidance about “ Cards Amount ” profession type in while using EPay Credit card Handling.

Content ” field toward Charge exchange, Invoice Info Part. Trans Big date : So it occupation refers to the recommendations stored in the latest “ Go out ” career with the Invoice transaction.

Trans CC Auth Code : Which job identifies advice populated to your “ Agreement Password ” career while using EPay Credit card Running

Trans Write off Big date : So it community refers to the recommendations stored in brand new “ Write off Big date ” job with the Charge purchase.

Trans Deadline : This career is the advice kept in the brand new “ Deadline ” job on Invoice exchange.

Trans Detail : That it profession refers to the information stored in the brand new “ Details ” text career used in Menu | Information .

Trans FOB : This job refers to the recommendations kept in the new “ FOB ” job into the Charge purchase, Charge details job.

Trans Range Number : That it profession is the information about “ Number ” community populated on Charge deal regarding the Item part having a certain Range Item.

Trans Line Product : This profession is the “ Product ” field selected into the Charge deal from the Product part to possess a specific Line goods (we.elizabeth. Invoice Product identity).

Trans Range Product Alias : That it community means information throughout the “ Alias ” profession selected to the Charge Items itself.

Trans Line Product Breakdown : Which field is the pointers regarding “ Description ” career since found towards the Charge purchase about Goods section to have a specific Range item.

Trans Range Speed : This community is the information regarding “ Rate Ea. ” community since found into Invoice transaction on Items point to possess a certain Line goods.

Trans Range Numbers : So it industry is the guidance on the “ Qty ” industry chose with the Charge transaction about Product section having a particular Range item.

T rans Imagine Complete : It profession is the guidance stored in the latest “Total” occupation toward Estimate purchase this new Charge is made from.

Trans Estimate Number : Which job refers to the Estimate (transaction) Level of the fresh Imagine transaction the latest Charge is made of

Trans Devices Model Matter : This profession is the suggestions regarding “ Gizmos ” occupation chose toward Charge exchange regarding Items section to own a certain Range items.

Trans Line Method of : This profession identifies if the relevant line items are a group. Therefore, accessibility so it profession tend to populate the phrase “Group”. Or even, it does show empty.

Trans Range Serial Count : That it career is the information on “ Serial # ” profession chose on Invoice exchange on Product area to own a specific Range product.

Trans CC Expire : So it industry means guidance on the “ Conclusion ” community type in when using EPay Charge card Running

Trans Line Taxable Name : It industry is the information regarding “ Income tax Product ” profession chose on Invoice purchase from the Item part to possess a specific Range items.

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